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When the Partners aspires to carry on business in larger scale to achieve higher goals, merge multiple business to get scale of operation, to take up additional areas or if it plans to sale a section of business. Object of the LLP may require modification to achieve these goals



Clear object clause gives clarity to all investor to know the actual operation of the LLP. Hence it is essential to explain in clear terms the what are the object they are going to participate. It must not be too vague and too general and too wide for in that case it will defeat its very purpose and object.



Section 11(2)(c) of the LLP Act, 2008 talks about the LLP activity, which is, in fact matter covered in the LLP incorporation document i.e., LLP Agreement.


Business activities consisting of banking, insurance, venture capital, mutual fund, stock exchange and asset management are allowed provided that in-principal approval from regulatory authorities is obtained.

What is change in main Object of LLP?

Change is the main objects means to change the existing main business activities of the LLP due to any reasons. Main business activities mean those business activities which a LLP want to do after its incorporation. LLP can do business activities which are mentioned in its LLP agreement and other ancillary activities in supporting with the main activities of the LLP.

Why we need to change the main business activities?

If the partners want to change the business completely.
In case of partners want to add a new product line in an LLP. Kindly note an LLP can carry on only similar business activities. Hence, if the new product line is not related to an existing business then a new LLP has to be incorporated.
If an LLP take over a firm which is carrying on different business activities.
In case the government authorities orders as a result of change in prevailing law.
Whenever such business activity is prohibited under any law.

Permissible Business Activity for a LLP?

As stated at the beginning, LLP can do any business activity that is legal in India. The permissible activities which require no prior approval include trading, manufacturing, service provider, professional services, etc.However, there are activities that are only allowed after obtaining a prior approval from authorities. These activities include finance, investment, insurance, stock exchange, merchant banker, banking, chit fund, NBFC, etc.

How to Change objects in LLP?

The LLP agreement contains a clause regarding LLP activity and procedures to be followed for changing the object. Based on the partners understanding, the supplementary agreement is prepared and requisite e-Form filed with respective Registrar of Companies to changes the object of LLP.

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Documents Required For Change in Business Activity of LLP

One Person Company
Private Limited
Public Limited
Partnership Firm
  • Main object that is to be amended
  • Supplementary agreement
  • Resolution of the meeting of the designated Partners
  • Minutes of the meeting of the designated partners

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Frequently asked questions

Objects can be change by executing the supplementary agreement/deed and file the E-form LLP-3

Supplementary deed/Agreement shall be executed in any change in the objects of the LLP.

Business activities consisting of banking, insurance, venture capital, mutual fund, stock exchange and asset management are allowed provided that in-principle approval from regulatory authorities is obtained. Please note that as per RBI guidelines, LLPs are not permitted to undertake NBFI activities.

The Form 3 of LLP must be filed within 30 days of execution of Supplementary LLP Agreement.

The stamp duty has to be paid on supplementary agreement and the amount of stamp duty will differ from state to state.

The amended activities can be commenced only after getting an approval form ROC.

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